Before Bathtub Refinishing

Your bathtub just looks sad, and you cannot let it go on looking that way yet another day. You’ve been looking into your bathroom remodeling options and are a bit overwhelmed by all the choices (and corresponding price tags). But have you considered bathtub refinishing from NU Tub? Bathtub refinishing repairs and resurfaces your existing bathtub to look like new, and here are three reasons why we think it might be right for you.

1. You’re on a budget.

Tearing out your old bathtub and replacing it with a new fiberglass insert or custom tile shower can get super pricey. But don’t think you can’t remodel your bathroom on a budget. For most of our customers, bathtub refinishing helps them get the updates they need at a fraction of the cost.

2. You don’t want to hassle with demolition.

Sure, TV shows make demolition look fun and easy, but the reality is that it’s hard, messy, and back-breaking work. Plus, those old bathtubs are often a beast to remove. With tub refinishing, you don’t have to demo a thing. We use your existing bathtub, make necessary repairs, and refinish it to look like new. Plus, we usually can refinish a bathtub in a day or less, whereas a complete remodel could take weeks or longer.

After Tub Refinishing

3. You like your bathroom but just want to give it a face lift.

Major bathroom remodeling isn’t necessary if you like the basic bones of your bathroom and bathtub. If all you want is a bit of an update, then you can select a more modern finish, turning your pink tile tub into a white, classic tile tub you can use for years to come.

Want to find out more about bathtub refinishing or get a free consultation? Contact NU Tub of Springfield, IL, at (217) 522-1850. We’d be glad to tell you more about our refinishing services. Our team serves Illinois homeowners in and around Springfield, Decatur, Peoria, and Bloomington.

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