It’s time to remodel your master bathroom, and you’re ready to bring it into the current decade. The first item on your renovations list is that bright pink bathtub. While it’s still sturdy and works just fine, that color is not something you want to live with any longer. If you’re ready to change the look of your bathtub, then consider the benefits of bathtub refinishing.

tub refinishing


1. Minimize remodeling costs.

Tub refinishing costs considerably less than complete tub replacement. If you’re on a budget, you may want to get a price quote for refinishing and see how it fits into your remodeling goals.

2. Avoid the hassle of removing your old tub.

Tub replacement is a lot of work. You have to worry about plumbing, proper disposal, and getting the new tub or shower properly installed. This process takes a large amount of time and money. Before you start doing demo, consider whether tub refinishing can help you meet your goals without having to get out the tools. Plus, the tub refinishing usually takes less than a day to complete.

3. Choose a new color.

If you don’t like the look of your current bathtub, NU Tub has a wide range of colors from which you can choose. You can finally get rid of that pink bathtub that only reminds you of medicine you take for an upset stomach.

To learn more about tub refinishing, contact NU Tub at (217) 522-1850. We have helped Illinois residents in Springfield, Bloomington, Decatur, Peoria, and the surrounding areas revitalize their bathrooms. In addition to bathtub refinishing, we also specialize in fiberglass repair, countertop resurfacing, cabinet refinishing, and more.

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