Are you considering a bathroom remodel in your Springfield area home but are worried about the expense? At Nu Tub, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners transform their spaces through our specialized refinishing services, and we’re here to help you, too. Here are four easy ways to bring a fresh look to your bathroom.

NU Tub Springfield Bathroom Remodel

1. Bathtub and Sink Refinishing

If your bathtub or sink shows signs of aging, our bathtub refinishing process is the perfect solution. Our technicians begin by stripping away old caulking to assess the surface for any damage. Then, whether it’s fiberglass or porcelain-coated cast iron, we meticulously repair any imperfections.

Following repairs, the surfaces are etched to ensure new coatings adhere seamlessly. A primer is then applied, setting the stage for three layers of a durable, NASA-developed urethane coating.

Depending on the material, this process typically takes 5-8 hours to complete. The best part? With a showroom finish, your refinished bathtub or sink can last 10-20 years.

2. Bathtub Liner Installation

Another option for changing up your bathtub is a bathtub liner installation. Rather than ripping out your existing tub, which can be costly, our team fits a high-gloss, tailor-made acrylic liner over your current bathtub. This can include matching wall systems with practical shelving and storage solutions.

Available in a range of colors and styles, these liners can easily fit your bathroom decor. They’re also durable and simple to maintain, lasting for years to come.

3. Countertop Refinishing

Our countertop refinishing service allows you to revamp your bathroom countertops in just one day. NU Tub offers a variety of colors and can even customize the finish to solid colors based on your preference. This quick update saves you time and money on your bathroom remodel, so you can use the funds for other important expenses.

4. Cabinet Refinishing

Our cabinet refinishing service restores worn-out bathroom cabinets, showing signs of use to their former glory without needing costly replacements. This process rejuvenates the appearance of your cabinets and strengthens them by removing blemishes and applying a new, durable finish. You can keep the current color or change the finish color to bring new life to your space.

If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, NU Tub can help. Contact us at (217) 522-1850 or request a free quote online today, and we’ll help you transform the bathroom in your Springfield area home!

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