When it comes to revitalizing your Decatur bathroom space, bathtub refinishing is the transformative secret that locals are talking about. Imagine stepping into a sparkling tub that looks and feels brand new without the hassle of a lengthy construction project. NU Tub is here to shed some light on the magic behind bathtub refinishing and why it’s the smart choice for anyone seeking both quality and convenience.

NU Tub Decatur Bathtub Refinishing

What Is the Bathtub Refinishing Process?

With decades of service to thousands of customers, we’ve perfected the steps in the tub refinishing process. Here is what you can expect when we arrive at your home.

Step 1: Shedding the Old

Before the installation begins, NU Tub experts remove the tub’s old caulking, clearing the way for a fresh start. This step is the foundation of the refinishing process so that every other layer adheres seamlessly.

Step 2: A Fresh Canvas

Next on the agenda? It’s an inspection and thorough cleaning. We scrub away years of wear and tear so the tub surface is prepped like a blank canvas, ready for its new appearance.

Step 3: The Gentle Touch

For porcelain tubs, you need a delicate yet effective touch. We apply acid to encourage adhesion, while fiberglass tubs and showers receive a careful hand-sanding. This precision guarantees that the refinishing coats will adhere flawlessly, bringing out the tub’s true beauty.

Step 4: Primed and Ready

Now, we move on to the primer coat, which takes center stage, helping maximize the bond so it lasts. This step is important since it’s the final stage before the finish is applied.

Step 5: The Space-Age Solution

Now, here’s where innovation really shines. NU Tub applies a modified urethane coating, originally developed for none other than NASA and even used on the lunar rover. This layer adds a lustrous finish that’s both breathtaking and long-lasting.

Why Bathtub Refinishing Beats Replacement

When deciding whether to replace your bathtub or hire the pros to refinish it, knowing the benefits of your choices is helpful. Here are a few of the advantages of bathtub refinishing.

True Transformation

Choosing bathtub refinishing is like granting your bathroom a makeover. Refinished tubs and tiles look new, and with our color options, the possibilities for revitalizing your bathroom are endless.

Quick Installation without the Fuss

Bid farewell to weeks of construction nightmares. NU Tub’s bathtub refinishing process is a breeze. Depending on the project, your like-new tub will be finished in 5-8 hours. A lengthy renovation? No one’s got time for that.

Long-Lasting Life

With this perfected process, you’re not signing up for a fleeting fix. Your tub’s new coating will stand strong for a decade or more, depending on its use. Show your tub a little love, rewarding you with enduring beauty—no delicate handling required. Just stay away from abrasive cleaners.

When it comes to bathroom transformations for your Decatur home, bathtub refinishing is a clear winner. Are you ready for a restored bathtub? Contact NU Tub at (217) 522-1850 or request a free quote online today to discover firsthand the remarkable difference bathtub refinishing can make in your space.

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