Commercial businesses improve their profits by either increasing prices or reducing costs. The current economic environment has increased supply chain costs, which often get passed to the customer. Alternatively, wise businesses and commercial properties look for ways to reduce costs to balance price increases. In fact, some commercial properties can reduce significant expenses when they refinish instead of remodeling. In this post, NU Tub reveals four specific commercial property types that benefit from bathtub refinishing. 

Four Commercial Businesses That Benefit From Bathtub Refinishing

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities can reduce costs and benefit from bathtub refinishing. These properties act as residential facilities for aging adults. Some residents enjoy a great deal of independence. However, others require more assistance. Bathing and toileting are two areas impacting this group.

Those who require more assistance may appreciate a tub-to-shower conversion. On the other hand, more independent people enjoy excellent bathroom facilities, in general. Instead of ripping out old bathroom fixtures and renovating tons of bathrooms, why not benefit from bathtub refinishing? The more refinishing and conversions you do, the more money you save. 


Hotels benefit from bathtub refinishing due to the number of rooms they host. Moreover, most hotels operate as corporations or franchises with multiple buildings. As a result, renovations can be incredibly costly. In addition, supply chain issues can increase costs and extend the time it takes to complete renovations. One of the benefits of bathtub refinishing is that you don’t have to wait for supply-chain impacted delays. Instead, you get a new bathroom in a couple of hours. 

Apartment Complexes

Like hotels, apartments benefit from refinishing, too, and for the same reasons. However, unlike some hotels, apartments receive added benefits. For instance, apartments include kitchens, and kitchen renovations save money, too. In fact, bathtub, cabinet, and countertop refinishing can change the look of a unit for less money and bring in more monthly rent. 

Property Managers and Realtors

You may not own a commercial property, but perhaps you serve them. Specifically, property managers and realtors also benefit from refinishing services, even if indirectly. For example, realtors can help home buyers and sellers on a budget save money by making suggestions and referrals for bathtub refinishing. Meanwhile, property managers can save their clients money, hopefully translating into more business. 

NU Tub Refinishing Services

NU Tub works with all the commercial property types described in this article and more. In addition, we frequently work with homeowners on residential refinishing services, too. If you live in Springfield, Decatur, or Peoria, and have questions, call (217) 552-1850 for more information. 

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