If you have an older Springfield home, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to update your space at some point. It can be overwhelming to consider the time, money, and energy it’ll take to make your renovation dreams a reality. That’s why insiders know one of the tricks to simplify the process starts with your countertops. Instead of replacing them, it’s cheaper and easier to refinish them. These are the top three reasons NU Tub suggests you refinish your countertops instead of buying a new product.

1. Save Money

It’s not a secret that updating and remodeling a home costs money, especially when you have an older home and a long list of changes. Don’t buy a new countertop when you can save up to 50% of that money by hiring a professional to refinish your countertops. The results? You have a brand-new-looking countertop without emptying your pockets, and, you can use that saved money to go toward other projects in your home.

2. Avoid Living in a Construction Zone

It takes time to complete a renovation. Instead of living in a construction zone for a week, our team can do the work in a day without a demolition crew or plumber. Your life doesn’t need to be interrupted for the sake of a countertop. When you are able to avoid interruptions to your regular schedule and see high-quality results, you’ll be glad you made the choice. 

3. Protect the Environment

Not only will refinishing your countertops save money and time, but by reusing an old countertop, you are preventing it from being sent to a landfill. Whether you have stains, chips, or cracks, we offer a wide range of refinishing options that are attractive and durable. Bettering our lives with a beautiful product, saving money, and reducing waste – That’s an all-around win. 

If your countertops need refinishing in your Springfield, IL home, contact NU Tub at (217) 522-1850 and request a free quote today!

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