What do you get when you combine water, soap, and a tile bathroom floor? The potential for a slippery disaster! NU Tub of Springfield, IL wants to help keep your bathroom safe, so let us suggest three bathroom safety conversions you may want to consider.

bathroom safety

1. Minimize the distance between you and the toilet.

Bad knees, an achy back, or recent surgery can all make simple bathroom tasks a chore. Using the toilet can be one such difficulty. However, a raised toilet seat can make getting up and down easier. Plus, many raised toilet chairs include arm rails that improve safety even more.

2. Install a grab bar.

Getting in and out of the bathtub is not always an easy task. The reality is that age, injury, or other physical conditions can make your daily bath that much more difficult. A grab bar is a great way to enhance bathroom safety. Holding a grab bar while you enter and exit the tub gives you added stability—and something to steady you if you start to slip.

3. Consider a bathtub to shower conversion.

In addition to a grab bar, a bathtub to shower conversion can be a good solution for keeping your shower safe. The edge of the bathtub can make getting in or out of the shower very difficult. You can enhance your bathroom safety and ease your concerns of slipping by getting a bathtub to shower conversion from NU Tub. In one day, we can make a few small changes to your existing bathtub to make entering and exiting much easier.

To find out more about a bathtub to shower conversion or other bathroom safety products like grab bars, contact NU Tub of Springfield, IL at (217) 522-1850. NU Tub specializes in all things bathtubs—from safety conversions to tub refinishing and fiberglass repair. Let us help you make your bathroom safer for years to come!

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