Fiberglass RepairOften, homeowners see that first crack or blemish in their bathtub floor and start to panic. With that crack, they see thousands of dollars paid for a new fiberglass tub and installation, not to mention the time it might take to get the remodel complete. It’s no wonder damaged fiberglass causes you to panic! But with NU Tub of Springfield, IL, it doesn’t have to.

Fiberglass Repair

At NU Tub, we don’t jump right to the “replace your tub” solution. Instead, we offer customers in Decatur, Peoria, Springfield, and Bloomington, IL, superior fiberglass repair services. Our fiberglass repair can help solve your damage without all the hassles of replacement. In fact, most fiberglass bathtub repairs allow you to:

  • Keep your existing tub, instead of hassling with replacement
  • Spend less money both on supplies and installation manpower
  • Get your tub fixed faster.

In fact, most fiberglass repairs that we complete take a day or less. We do both the repair and color matching on site, and most homeowners don’t see any evidence of previous damage.

Other Services

In case you want to change the color or refresh your entire tub while you’re at it, NU Tub also offers bathtub refinishing. Using specially formulated equipment and techniques, our crew prepares the tub surface and then applies a new finish that will leave it looking like new. You can choose from a variety of colors, in case you’re tired of looking at that baby blue bathtub. We can even refinish the surrounding tile to match your updated tub.

Find Out More

To find out more about fiberglass repair or bathtub refinishing from NU Tub, contact us today at (217) 522-1850. Our staff would be glad to give you an estimate and tell you more about our repair and refinishing processes.

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