As a tub nears the end of its life, holes, cracks, and structural damage may become too severe to repair. Still, if replacing your tub is out of the question, contact NU Tub in Springfield, IL, to learn more about bathtub liners. Our team can remedy your bathtub woes with a custom-fit acrylic inlay, providing you with a glossy, safe, and durable tub that will last for years.

Tub Liner

Shower and Tub Liners

A bathtub liner is a solid piece of custom-measured acrylic that is designed to fit perfectly over your existing bathtub. The liner is molded to the exact specifications of your tub to ensure a snug fit. Additionally, when installing the tub liner, we also install a tub surround that extends up the walls. We tightly seal the joint between these pieces to prevent moisture from getting underneath the liner.

Benefits of Tub and Shower Liners

At the bare minimum, replacing a bathtub involves removing the existing unit, repairing the floor and walls, and plumbing in a new unit. This process is expensive, messy, inconvenient, and time-consuming. Alternatively, installing a bathtub liner is fast, affordable, and mess-free. After taking initial measurements, our team will install your new tub liner in a matter of hours. 

Other Options

Bathtub liners are a great alternative to replacement for severely damaged tubs. If, however, your tub is still structurally sound, bathtub refinishing is another great alternative. Our team excels at repairing surface damage on all kinds of tubs, including fiberglass, acrylic, and porcelain units. Once all surface damage has been repaired, our team will spray a high-tack, high-gloss urethane coating over the tub to create a flawless finish. This process takes one day to complete and costs even less than installing a tub liner. 

Contact Us

To learn more about which of our services is right for your bathroom, contact NU Tub at (217) 522-1850. Our staff will gladly assess the condition of your tub or shower, and then recommend the most effective solution. In addition to tub liners and bathtub refinishing, our team also specializes in tub-to-shower conversions, tub repairs, and more. We proudly serves all of Central Illinois, including Bloomington, Springfield, Decatur, and Peoria.

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