A quality bathtub should last many years, but eventually even the best unit will fail. If your tub or shower is severely chipped, cracked, stained, or dented, don’t despair. The experienced team at NU Tub can breathe new life into the worst of bathtubs. With the fast, affordable addition of a bathtub liner, you will have the look of a brand new tub for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Bathtub Liner Installation

What Is a Bathtub Liner?

A bathtub liner is a custom-measured, acrylic insert that fits directly over your existing bathtub. Unlike bathtub reglazing, which involves sanding and painting the existing tub, bathtub liners completely transform the look of the existing unit. Bathtub liners are a great option for old, severely damaged tubs.

How Liners Are Made

To create a custom liner for your bathtub, we will start by taking precise measurements of your tub or shower. Then, we will match these measurements with the manufacturer’s exact specifications for your unit. This information allows us to create a perfectly-fitted acrylic shell for your tub. 

Liner Installation

When your liner is ready, we will install it directly over the top of your existing tub or shower. Liners are usually comprised of a basin that fits directly over the tub and a surround that extends up the walls. Within a matter of hours, we will install both pieces over the top of your existing tub and the surrounding wall, tightly seal the joints and edges, and leave you with a sparkly new bathtub.

Bathtub Liner Perks

Bathtub liners are a fast, affordable, eco-friendly alternative to bathtub replacement. Additionally, liners transform more than just the look of the tub; they completely transform the walls around the tub too. Plus, liners come with built-in shelves and storage, making them attractive and useful. And last, but not least, bathtub liners are incredibly durable. A properly installed tub liner can last for decades!

Request a Free Quote

To learn if a bathtub liner is right for you, contact NU Tub at (217) 522-1850. We are also experts at bathtub repairs, bathtub conversions, and bathtub refinishing. Our office is located in Springfield, IL, and we serve residences and commercial clients in and around Peoria, Bloomington, and Decatur.





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